Our Story

 At Aybury, we believe life should be filled with sensuous pleasure at every opportunity.

We inspire that joy by evoking your deepest emotions, feelings and memories through the mediums of fragrance and design.


Our Philosophy

Beginning in London in 2015, Aybury set out to create a unique, unisex body products line based on our guiding commitment: to use only the highest quality scents and lotions sourced from the best providers, and to deliver our evolving products in the most beautiful, minimalist way.

We began with our Reticent range, based on Egyptian geraniums and limes from shores of the Mediterranean, a blending that soon appealed to Aybury customers around the world. We’ve since developed our new Limerence range, an innovative fragrance designed to refresh the body and clear the mind.

When it comes to design, we are addicted to the belief that less is more. In a complex world, our intimate spaces should be retreats where our bodies can be rested and revived, using the purest of products. That purity should be reflected in the design of what surrounds us, including body products born of Nature’s essential oils, balms and aromas.

At Aybury, we also love the beauty of poetry and prose, and we enjoy exploring the world of fragrances throughout the ages. You’ll find us writing about scents and spices from around the world, about the human body and about the pleasures to be found in the breeze, the sun and sea. 

These are all Aybury moments, sensuous and simple at once.


Our Skincare

Our creations are meticulously designed and expertly blended in the United Kingdom using only the highest quality, hand-selected ingredients. We only use the finest and most luxurious natural essential oils in our luxury hand wash, body wash and lotion. 

All of our luxury skincare is cruelty free and made without the use of Sulphates. 



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