Influencers and Affiliates


Are you a beauty, fashion or lifestyle influencer looking for a brand to partner with?


As a minimalist, unisex brand, we are looking for new influencers, affiliates and other strategic partners willing to assist in promoting our brand. We offer competitive rates for all of our influencers, as well as the full range of Aybury products. Building long term relationships with influencers is a key part of our vision and we are open to creative ideas.


If you have a sizeable following on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram and think your image aligns with ours, then we want to hear from you. Fill out the form below and an Aybury representative will contact you with more details. 


Influencers - AYBURY

We recently partnered with Instagrammer and model Anthea Page to create an Aybury moment’ story, as well as a range of Instagram posts tailored to her audience.