Reticent Geranium & Lime Hand & Body Lotion

Aybury Reticent Geranium and Lime Hand and Body Lotion is a zesty blend of Egyptian geranium and Italian lime essential oils which gently awaken the senses while soothing and nourishing the skin. Presented in a minimalist, yet luxurious, bottle, it is the perfect addition to any luxury interior or bathroom. 

Designed to refresh and revitalise.

Comes in 500ml bottles.

Formulated for daily use | SLS Free | Made in the UK

Aybury hand and body lotion will arrive in our cotton gift bag, making Aybury hand and body lotion the perfect gift for every occasion.

100% Natural Essential Oils
We are proud to say that all of our products are made with the finest and most luxurious pure essential oils.
Cruelty Free
All of our skincare products are cruelty free. We do not test on animals or use any ingredients derived from animals.
SLS Free
All of Aybury's body care products are SLS free. 

We use Egyptian geranium for its natural skin toning properties while the sweet aroma encourages deep relaxation.
The uplifting, zesty notes are delivered through limes which are hand-picked in Cagliari, Italy.

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